The amazing PINCH-A-LOG makes easy work of picking up, throwing or stacking firewood with NO Deep Bending. This tool allows you to pick up firewood, split or whole, 6 to 26 inches, and most firewood can be moved using only one hand. This precision cut tool is all steel, powder-coated using stainless steel nuts and bolts. The yellow paint on the tips will naturally wear off(added after resharpening for powder coating). With occasional sharpening this tool will last a lifetime. This tool is made right here in north IDAHO by Americans. The handles are made in Michigan. As company owner I am a retired Air Force veteran. This tool was designed to save your back and hips from Deep Bending. It's great for ALL aspects of firewood handling. There is nothing like enjoying a wood fire and nothing that makes using firewood easier than the PINCH-A-LOG.

Price: $69.00

Ship to US (+$26) $95.00 USD

Ship to Canada (+$50) $119.00 USD


I tried to like your Facebook but It said I had to sign up. So figured I'd send you an email. (The Pinch A Log) It's the best tongs I've ever used. Its not that often someone can reinvent the wheel but you did and its amazing. I've been using a log ox and had I discovered pinch a log first I wouldn't have purchased a log ox, it's a good tool but I would rather have 2 pinch a logs and a cheap timber jack and cant. It's also the easiest tool I've used to pick up a log and the safest. I haven't had a single log slip out and grabbing from the end ensures your biting solid wood. Getting the tool off the log also works like it should; you don't have to fight it, twist the tool and screw around, and eventually bend over and remove the hooks from the wood just a simple push and it lifts off or toss it, works great. I think I will purchase another pinch a log next year so I have a spare and using them to haul 2 at the same time would be great. I burn 10 cords a year on a good year and more on the real cold ones and this is a must have tool after owning for a short time. I can't imagine the backs and frustrations you've saved people by coming up with the pinch a log it's a great tool thanks Adam.


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